Top 10 Best Laptop Brands : Fall 2023 — December Picks

Laptops have now become essential work tools. They are super practical and allow you to meet professional and recreational expectations. This explains an increasingly strong demand for laptops. Several brands are struggling to position themselves in the market with very varied ranges of PCs.

If you are looking for a piece of advice on who makes the best laptop then this information is very special for you.

However, we cannot talk about one laptop brand being better than another and this is not a question of ranking the best laptop brands. For us, different positionings meet different needs/budgets. In addition, within the same brand, there are often several ranges that can coexist and each corresponds to different needs and budgets.

Through this guide, we will therefore outline the needs that can be satisfied by the numerous ranges offered by PC manufacturers, whether in terms of manufacturing quality, innovation, design, or after-sales service. This will allow you to get closer to a model that suits you and decide which brand of laptop to buy.

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Summary: If you want to buy a laptop, here are the 10 best brands in the market. Whatever your budget, you will find a brand that will meet your expectations.

Best Laptop Manufacturers In The World


Apple is one of the most influential laptop brands in the world. The Apple brand has launched several types of computers in the market. We find some of the best quality desktop computers and laptops in the market. These computers have very high power and benefit from very good storage capacities. These products are sold at premium prices and meet current quality standards. Apple laptops combine technology and innovation. The designs are super captivating and, regardless of the range, these computers are always lightweight.

You will even find Apple laptops for professionals with touch screens. The MacBook, iMac, and iMac Pro models are the most recommended models for IT and web workers. Even as a student, you will find an Apple laptop that suits you. All products from this brand are high-end and offer exceptional features.

The new iMac Pro model released at the end of 2017 has the nickname of the most powerful computer. It offers unrivaled power in Apple products with incredible graphics possibilities. Who says the most powerful computer, has a significant price?


The Asus brand is one of the best laptop manufacturers. It offers laptops for all uses and all budgets. These devices are available between 300 and 4500 euros and perfectly meet quality standards. All Asus models have a super neat appearance, even the entry-level ones.

This brand offers laptops with quality OLED screens. But it can be difficult for you to select the PC you need or the right components. On you will find a computer repair professional who will help you choose the equipment necessary for your project. It offers gamers a tailor-made configuration.

The Asus brand makes a point of manufacturing good quality models. Note that even the design of its entry-level models is neat. Furthermore, it is also banking on the democratization of OLED screens. Its Asus Zenbook range aims to be innovative by benefiting from a second screen above the keyboard, which appeals to content creators / YouTubers.

As we indicated, there is a range at Asus for every need. Gamers who want to get a high-performance model can look at the Asus ROG range, which has a quality chassis and an RTX 3000 graphics card, to name but a few.

You can also benefit from its maintenance services for all your Asus computers. This brand also offers numerous services related to laptop computers and their accessories.


Acer is one of the oldest laptop brands. But unlike some of these friends who have remained static in terms of innovation, Acer is updating itself. The brand offers premium quality laptops, regardless of the price at which they are sold. It emphasizes models geared toward office use.

For a student or professional looking for mobility, an Acer laptop from the Swift range will do the job perfectly. Space-saving, light, and elegant, it will accompany you everywhere, just like the models in the Switch range with a detachable keyboard and usable as a tablet.

The Acer Predator and Acer Nitro laptops are mainly intended for gamers with a design and performance dedicated to them.

The Acer Aspire PC range is specially dedicated to professionals and individuals. For students, the Acer Swift models with removable keyboards are super practical. If you are a gamer, the Acer brand also has a very varied range of products for you. The Nitro and Predator models offer exceptional features and super eye-catching designs.


Of American origin, the Hewlett-Packard (HP) brand is a brand recognized worldwide for the quality of its products. It offers a very varied range of PCs geared towards the needs of its customers. For example, you will find laptop models designed for office use.
The HP Pavilion laptop or the HP Envy is ideal for office work, browsing the internet, or carrying out daily tasks that do not require high performance.

For more professional use, it is better to favor the HP Specter, EliteBook, and ProBook models. The components that equip them are much better, whether it is the processor or the possibility of having an SSD.
HP Omen laptops are popular with gamers. They are designed to provide power to players.

In addition, in recent years HP has innovated and expanded its range to also offer 2-in-1 hybrid PCs.

The Pavilion and Envy models are those reserved for daily office tasks. They have an average performance which allows for smooth browsing on the internet. HP also produces laptops dedicated to those who use them professionally. Computer scientists and web workers will be won over by the PC ranges ProBook, EliteBook, and HP Specter. These laptops offer great performance in terms of ergonomics, storage, and fluidity of navigation.


Like Acer, Dell is one of the oldest laptop designers. The PC ranges offered are proof that the brand has capitalized on its many years of experience. The Dell laptop that we can consider to be the most successful in terms of design is the PC from the XPS range. It is a premium range which has attracted a large number of users. Besides, Dell is one of the oldest computer manufacturers and in any case, its seniority in the field lives up to its good reputation. The XPS model remains the most striking and best-selling by the brand. Its design and technical characteristics are simply attractive.

Dell is mainly used by businesses and professionals for a lot of good reasons but it also produces entry-level models with the Dell Inspiron laptops.

To meet the broader needs of its customers, Dell offers the G15 range for playing video games. In addition, it owns Alienware, its gaming brand dedicated to gamers looking for high performance.

Dell is a very popular brand in professionals and businesses. However, the brand has certain ranges of laptops suitable for individuals. Dell Inspiron is the most accessible model for office use. If you are a gamer, the G15 and Alienware ranges offer great performance in video games.


Chinese brand specializing in the construction of laptop computers since 1984, Lenovo appeals to many consumers. For good reason, it offers better value for money for most of these products. Whether for professional or office use, you will find several ranges that meet your expectations. Lenovo laptops offer very good value for money.

We mainly distinguish between entry-level and mid-range Lenovo IdeaPad computers, 2-in-1 Yoga PCs, and Lenovo ThinkPads offering better autonomy and good ergonomics.

The Lenovo Legions are, for their part, designed for gaming. They offer a solid price/performance ratio.

The Lenovo Yoga and Lenovo ThinkPad models offer good ergonomics for professionals. As a student, the entry-level IdeaPad models are perfect for you. The brand has not forgotten gamers, its Lenovo Legion range has the appropriate performance for gaming.

If you need a budget laptop with high performing Processor especially for gaming, then choose laptops with AMD Ryzen 7 5800H


The mobile telephony and IT tools juggernaut is one of the best brands in the world. It offers reasonable prices for the latest generation laptops. If you are a fan of this brand, you certainly know its MateBook model. One of the most successful and best-selling by Huawei. It has a design similar to Apple’s MacBook.

The most popular Huawei laptop is the MateBook, whose design is inspired by Apple’s MacBook.

The Chinese manufacturer highlights the performance of these machines and offers them at an affordable price. In addition, it offers a more advanced range than the MateBook X Pro.

Huawei is also establishing itself with its Honor brand to strengthen its presence in the ultrabook market.

If you use your laptop for professional tasks, the MateBook X Pro line is perfect for you. In the ultrabook market, Huawei remains one of the most influential brands thanks to its Honor range. Gamers will also find a diverse range of laptops designed by the line.


Founded in Taiwan in 1986, MSI is a laptop brand specializing in the design of laptop PCs for gamers. You will find tower-shaped models with super eye-catching designs. These gaming products are super efficient with remarkable autonomy. They are equipped with an innovative ventilation system that allows you to play for hours.

The brand incorporates very powerful Nvidia GeForce graphics cards dedicated to video games into its laptops. In addition, with its excellent ventilation system, you can play for hours on end. These laptops are available for sale in 15 and 17 inches.

Quality at a certain price, of course, but this kind of configuration is enough to convince gamers and creatives. Lately, MSI has also diversified by offering versatile metal ultraportables.

Professionals will also find MSI laptops that can satisfy them. Content creators are also served by the MSI brand with several models with a dual screen. The laptops offered by this brand are light and less bulky.


Like MSI, Razer is a brand primarily focused on the design of gaming laptops. It produces high-end, high-performance PCs for video game enthusiasts. These are equipped with RTX graphics cards and Intel Core processors, likely to improve their ergonomics.
From gaming mice to high-end Razer laptops, the emphasis is particularly placed on the performance of its products.

Its computers are equipped with RTX graphics cards to meet the requirements of the most seasoned gamers and Intel Core or AMD Ryzen processors depending on the model.

Just like at MSI, you pay for quality, whether it’s the Razer Blade series or the Razer Book series.

Razer Blade 15 and Razer Book 13 are the most notable models in the gaming product range. This American brand began by producing computers dedicated to professionals and individuals. Even for office use, Razer now makes several ranges of laptop PCs available. Simply choose the features that meet your needs.


Among the best laptop brands for gamers is ROCCAT. Registered in 2007, the brand is owned by the Roccat GmbH group headquartered in Hamburg, Germany. Its presence is not limited only to European borders. Indeed, the brand’s products have a fairly solid reputation on an international scale, a reputation relayed by its subsidiaries Roccat Studios in Taiwan and Roccat Inc. in the United States.

This German brand stands out for the production of PCs and numerous computer accessories. You will find mice, headsets, keyboards, and other peripherals. If you are a dedicated gamer, you will surely find a laptop in the many ranges offered by this brand.

The ROCCAT gaming brand is known in the world of computer video games because it offers computer peripherals such as keyboards, mice, headsets, etc. adapted to video game players.

All ROCCAT-branded products have a strong international reputation. This brand’s all-in-one keyboards are real technological gadgets with a modern design. ROCCAT offers fairly attractive prices despite its high-performance accessories.


In short, these ten brands have an international reputation for laptop design and supply. Apple, Asus, Acer, and HP are all behemoths with many years of experience in this sector. They offer products with remarkable technical characteristics. They use innovations and technologies to offer scalable computer models.


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